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7 Bonding Activities to Do When Mom is Away

Dads must be ready for the moment. Mom needs to be away for work or other reasons, and we’re in the spotlight flying solo with the children. We scan our minds for things to do with kids. How do we make this time productive and fun? Many years ago my wife and I uprooted our

4 Ideas for Making Christmas Meaningful

Life is busy, we all know that. It’s especially busy when there are children in the house. The fact is, December can be full-on frantic for families, and holiday plans often get bulldozed into the trite routines we all find ourselves stuck in. What we need are some meaningful Christmas

Our No Rules Night

This wasn’t my idea and many said I was crazy for even doing it. Last year, I published an article where I wrote about passing down or creating family traditions. Before I wrote it, I asked a number of people about their favorite family traditions to get some ideas. One