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Confessions of a Tired Dad

It feels like it's been a long week already, and I'm tired. Work takes its toll, so does relating to my wife, much less the work of parenting. I know. Love is a gift; so is being a parent. But they do take hard work, right? Sometimes, even these good

Finding the Balanced Life

Source: Finding the Balanced Life Self-confidence is an ideal balance of trusting our own abilities and judgment, partnered with humility and earnestly learning from others. Consider a finely tuned guitar as an example. One trait out of harmony can cause our personal growth to slow or even be stunted. We all know the person that thinks they already possess everything

Fatherhood Survival Skills

While I enjoy adventure, the last thing I would describe myself as would be an outdoorsman. I'm not a fan of creatures, bugs, sleeping on the ground, anything related to heights, or waking up in the morning without the option of a shower. I'm also prone to motion and altitude

How to Improve Your Marriage with 6 “R” Words

How to Improve Your Marriage with 6 “R” Words Initially, George balked at the idea of 6 “R” words for a stronger marriage. “Making relationships work,” George insisted, “is about nothing more than ‘listening to your gut.’” He continued, “Checklists can throw you right off. My preacher told me that legalism leads

7 Conversation Starters for Family Dinners

7 Conversation Starters for Family Dinners The Jones household is in desperate need of some dinner conversation starters. Five minutes into the meal, Tony (a.k.a. Dad), having patiently waited for the initial feeding frenzy to settle down, asks twelve-year-old Emily, “What’s new at school?” “Nothing.” “How about you, Jason?” “I dunno.” In desperation, he looks