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Life is Not about Me

“If you ain’t first, you’re last,” shouted Will Ferrell as the character, Ricky Bobby, in the movie Talladega Nights. His daddy told him that as a child right before he sped off high and drunk from Ricky’s school. He based his whole life on the words his dad left him. Moral

A Husband’s Guide to Dealing with The In-Laws

Your mother-in-law is on the phone asking if she can visit. She sounds excited, but you feel sick even thinking about it. You get a bad vibe from one of the uncles on her side of the family, and you don’t like how he talks to your kids. Every time

Feeling Frustrated and Stressed About Christmas?

The expectations of a perfect Christmas each year leave almost all parents feeling frustrated. We want the perfect gifts, the perfect setting, the perfect dinner, the perfect family experience…perfect, perfect, perfect. We know it’s impossible, but we keep trying nonetheless and sometimes it turns downright painful. In the immortal words