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Locker Room Talk – Session 7

Locker Room Sessions

Last week (12/17/2015), in our Locker Room session we briefly discussed a few different topics:

  • Discipline
  • Morals and Values
  • Rewards and Punishment


During an exercise on “Rewards and Punishment”…

We learned that many Dads believe that discipline means “to control” rather than “to teach or to guide.” As a result, many of them use fear when they punish rather than using the following Tips to Make Sure You Teach and Guide:

  • Don’t Rely on Shame and Blame
  • Focus on the “Action” not the “Actor”
  • Repair the Damage

This week (01/07/2016), we will discuss:

  • Children’s Growth
  • Goals and Self-Worth
  • Nature or Nurture?

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