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The Hidden Expense of Fatherless Families

Article originally posted by The Washington Times here. Re-posted with permission from Roland Warren. Several years ago, my youngest son and I began a regular practice of packing several backpacks with packaged food, toiletries and small Bibles, and heading to downtown Washington, D.C. to pass them out to the homeless. Most of

Fathers Behind Bars: The Problem & Solution for America’s Children [Infographic]

Source: Posted by Ryan Sanders There are 2.7 million children with a parent in prison or jail. Ninety-five (95%) of all inmates will eventually be released. Ninety-two percent (92%) of parents in prison are fathers. Most—2 out of 3 inmates—will reoffend and be back in prison. When it comes to fatherhood and prison,

When Your Kid is Drawn to the Bad Crowd

My close friends in life have been a godsend in my development and well-being. I count many of them in the same regard as family. It matters a lot who our friends are. They will help shape our beliefs, spur our ambitions, challenge us, teach us, comfort us, open doors,

The Secret Lives of Teens They Don’t Want You to Know About

In 1999, a PBS Frontline special called The Lost Children of Rockdale County told the story about a syphilis outbreak in a wealthy Atlanta suburb. Health officials were shocked to discover that most of those involved in the outbreak were teenagers, some as young as thirteen. Some of the young teens had literally

The Consequences of Fatherlessness

Original post was here on website. Some fathering advocates would say that almost every social ill faced by America’s children is related to fatherlessness. Six are noted here. (Also see related fatherlessness epidemic infographic) As supported by the data below, children from fatherless homes are more likely to be poor, become

My Secret to Destroy Bad Habits

There was a time I was loaded down by habits that were destructive for me, but at the time I didn’t really see it that way. I smoked, drank too much, shunned responsibility, and focused way too much on the opposite sex. I liked doing all those things a lot.

Dad’s League “Family Man” Locker Room

We are so excited to now be offering our NEW Dad's League "Family Man" Locker Room Sessions @ Southern Union Community College! Fathers and father figures from all over the community can now attend these Locker Room Sessions, which are meant to provide an environment for especially for non-custodial fathers to

Using Natural Consequences to Teach Your Kids

When our daughter was 12, money burned holes in her pockets. Rather than bail her out, or lecture, we let natural consequences do the talking. One summer our family headed west. It was a great trip, full of teachable moments. One example was every gift shop. “Remember to save your spending dollars for