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Dad’s League serves fathers of all ages and backgrounds, residing in Lee County, Alabama. The program is designed to empower fathers to be the best parent that they can be, resulting in children that are safe, healthy, resilient and successful. Dad’s League intends to be a community where fathers can be empowered and connect with other fathers to impact issues in our community where Dad’s can be critical difference makers. See the Dad’s League video.


To encourage a thriving culture of fathers who engage their families toward being positive contributors to their communities.


Helping men be the best fathers they can be through empowerment, motivation and connections with other fathers a positive mindset.

Locker Room Sessions

There are 5 groups (community, justice system, schools, veterans and faith-based organizations) that will meet for regular sessions. We have established “Locker Room” locations where dads can come, relax and interact while gaining insightful information concerning fatherhood.

Each group is led by 2 volunteer facilitators, trained and equipped with an evidence-based curriculum and materials.  You can RSVP for the Locker Room Sessions when you “Join the Community“.

Dad’s League Events

Semi-Annual events will be held to create opportunities for dads to spend time with their child(ren) and be the Hero they are inside.

Dads League Community

Connecting to the D-League Community means staying informed about meetings, events, resources, spotlights of Fatherhood throughout Lee County and much more. Complete the brief form and Join the Community by subscribing to D-League communications via email or text and “Like Us” on Facebook.

D-League Resources

We realize that many issues surrounding fatherhood are due to compounded negative circumstances. Many of these situations can be solved if the father can be given assistance with the burden or can be assisted toward seeing a viable way out. We have many resources at our disposal that many families in our community do not know about and should be made aware of if we are serious about seeing our vision of fatherhood materialize.

Dads League Roles

There are several ways you can connect to the D-League community:

  • Facilitators – lead Locker Room Sessions and connect with Dads.
  • Coaches – engage in Dad’s League Locker Rooms to purposefully connect with other fathers and father figures
  • Ambassadors – actively engage in the D-League community and urge others to do the same.
  • Partners (volunteers, donors and partner organizations)
    • Operations Volunteers – serve in the daily operations of Dad’s League
    • Events Volunteers – help with the D-League events
    • Donors – financially support Dad’s League through Cash or In-kind donations
    • Partner Organizations – support Dad’s League through strategic partnerships and referrals
  • Participants – actively participate in the D-League community, sessions and events.

See the Dad’s League video.