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Fatherhood Survival Skills

While I enjoy adventure, the last thing I would describe myself as would be an outdoorsman. I'm not a fan of creatures, bugs, sleeping on the ground, anything related to heights, or waking up in the morning without the option of a shower. I'm also prone to motion and altitude


By Dave Taylor A few days ago I received the following email from a reader, a touching plea for help: “I feel my twin 14 year old son’s deserve more than someone like me. I messed up my life and now I’m supposed to raise them not to make the same mistakes I

7 Conversation Starters for Family Dinners

7 Conversation Starters for Family Dinners The Jones household is in desperate need of some dinner conversation starters. Five minutes into the meal, Tony (a.k.a. Dad), having patiently waited for the initial feeding frenzy to settle down, asks twelve-year-old Emily, “What’s new at school?” “Nothing.” “How about you, Jason?” “I dunno.” In desperation, he looks