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Don’t Restrict Your Child’s Smartphone, Instead Discover via Monitoring with AT&T Smart Limits

We all know that texting is dangerous (especially when driving). And we have been told that texting (and “sexting”) can be very dangerous for tweens and teens. In fact, we probably have been bombarded by stats and case studies and examples to the point of where we, as parents, all

Locker Room Talk – Session 2

Locker Room Sessions

Last week (11/05/2015), in our Locker Room session we briefly discussed a few different topics: What it Means to be a Man Today's Man Body Image Notes In the late 1980's, researchers identified a list of seven traits that most people used to define what it means to be a man. These are: Yesterday's Man (1980's) Self-confident Courageous A

Combating Violent Impressions through Love

This past July parents, mentors, and caring adults met in the city of Baltimore for a community town hall to discuss ways to parent in a violent world. This was a much-needed conversation at such a critical moment in time. Panelists and community partners discussed the need for parents to

Quick Fix: How to Hang Shelves

Quick Fix: How to Hang Shelves TAGS I have lived in plenty of small places in my life. Specifically, my wife and I have dealt with limited closet space. It certainly doesn’t help when you live in a community with housing predominantly built in the 1920s. The small closet space